Thursday, August 21, 2008

thank you Missy!!

So my friend Missy came through for least there was ONE person to do my challenges so I don't feel like a complete LOSER. :) LOVE this gals style...she has the coolest style great with mixing different patterned paper and a pro at using up her scraps. LOVE how she highlighted the 19...I mean how cool does that look?? Yay Missy!! Looks great...and thanks dude for doing my challenge. :)

Day 3 of the mile run. I had Mathew come with me tonight and ride his bike. Poor Auston was sobbing saying it wasn't fair...even when I explained that tomorrow night would be his turn. He just cried and was really pitiful. But Mathew encouraged me the whole way...told me that I was jogging 'pretty fast'. :) Finally I had to blurt out...CAN'T TALK. Seriously...I am using all the oxygen I can get to breathe...talking just wasn't in the cards for me. :) And did I tell ya'll my new goal? (can't remember if I did last post or not) I really want to get into shape and see if I can't get on a woman's basketball city league. I just REALLY want to play. Oh and today I wore my jeans that this spring I had to use a rubber band to keep fastened. Just can't believe I let myself get THAT heavy. *sigh*

So I still have yet to get my new creations up on Etsy...OR scrap. I'm such a slug. I work Saturday at the store although I don't think I'll get to scrap...I'll have to actually work that shift. :) But I'm going to take my SPS kit just in case I get a few minutes of down time.'s FRIDAY tomorrow!! How exciting is that?? :) Have a great day!


Pink Owl Paperie said...

Hey Jenn! I have a layout for your challenge! I'm not sure how you want me to get it to you though, so let me know!

Vivian said...

Hey, I played too!!! Did you forget about little ol' me? *tearing up over here in Ontario*

Lindsey said...

love that layout!

MontanaMama said...

Great layout!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi there, Jenn! Just popped over to say hello...and now that I know you're doing challenges, girl....well, you won't be able to keep me away!! ;)