Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know...a post...so soon after my last. It's only because I promised I would post my FOUR HOUR layout that I did for Random Chaos . So without further ado...here it is. So there were EIGHT things that were a part of this challenge and I will list them off for you. 1. 4 words in the title. 2. color green. 3. brads. 4. 2 different ribbons. 5. stamping 6. embossing 7. handwritten journaling 8. scallops. And hey...the first person to tell me where my embossing is...I'll send you a prize. :) I don't stamp and I don't emboss...it was a nightmare. But I'm happy with the layout...it's kinda cute. :)

Last night we took the boys to Walmart and let them pick out new bikes. They both got 20" bikes and we were a little hesitant with Auston because he just learned how to ride. We found a 18" bike and tried to convince him of that one but he had his heart set on this red one (which looked EXACTLY like his old bike just red and not blue...go figure). We told him that if he couldn't ride it he wouldn't have a bike all summer as we were getting rid of his old bike. So that stubborn little twirp...right in Walmart...proved us wrong. He struggled to get his leg over the seat...pretty much sat on the middle bar and used his knee to coax the pedal up and then swiftly started peddling and sat on the seat.

So here are two more layouts...RIDE is done using sketch 14 from the So Sketchy! blog and I used the June Sweet Pea Scraps kit. And Park is using the July Sweet Pea Scraps kit.

Oh and I'm loving getting to know this whole ACB thing. In fact...it was kinda funny because I've been eyeing and drooling over the Making Memories tool carousel for months now. I think it is SO cool and I just think I need to have it.
Okay...well have a fantastic day!


The Crowells said...

Geez!!! These rock! Awesome! Seriously...I'd totally buy 4 hours on this layout.
Ok. My first guess on the embossing is the bracket. My second guess is the title. But it sure is sneaky!!!

Mindy said...

I was going to guess the bracket also (like the first commenter) :) lol. If it is not there then yes you are sneaky, haha.

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi Jenn! I LOVE how your friendly Random Chaos challenge page came out! I think it is totally adorable.
I was going to guess the bracket, too...but might put myself out and say the brads...