Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well I did it....

for months and months now I've been drawn to this site. I keep going back...over and over again. It's SUCH a nice site...and so friendly and happy looking. :) I'm a geek...I know this. BUT...I've also failed in my attempt at any kind of home based business. Think Scrap in a Snap (EEEk...can't even believe I'm admitting to that one...hey...I was young!!) and then when I moved up here I tried to get my own little store going which was great except I couldn't get the people and thus gave up. This one though has a hobbyist I started safe...knew I could meet those minimums by myself but I'm hoping eventually I could get into the consultant position. I keep thinking how FUN it would be to have a big scrap party....with a bunch of people. And have the ability to provide them with fun product...which is at a very reasonable price. It would be kinda like having a store but not quite. :) So's called AC Bailey and if you want to take a peek you can go HERE. Oh and the COOL thing is...they have FREE SHIPPING on the 1st of every month!! But mostly I did it just for me and if turns into something more than woohooo but if not..I'm okay with that. I'm really excited and I think if we do end up somehow moving to Malta (which..found out last night one of the guys is coming HERE to meet with Shawn again...he's driving SIX HOURS to meet with now what do you think about signs?? UGH) it would be a great thing to add to their community. And a good way for me to meet people....cuz everyone knows how much I LOVE people. *snort*

My eye. Just call me Quazee Moto (or however you spell it). It's worse today. It's so swollen that I can barely see out of it..and is causing me some serious grief. It's very annoying and my vision is thoroughly impaired. ICK. Wish it would heal up soon.

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Katie Skiff said...

How many more times do you need the thunk on the head!!!!!LOL... Have fun with the new site, I'm gonna go check it out!