Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh my gosh....

how's amazing how dependent on the internet I am and how empty my morning routine feels now. My corporate office decided to block all blog hosting sites. So I can no longer access the blogs that I used to check EVERY morning nor can I access my own!! So I promise I'm not ignoring anyone. OH...and my home internet took a crash...but just got that fixed about 5 minutes ago. Whew!!

So now...I'm off to try to get some stuff loaded up in my Etsy store...wish me luck on that. Got back from my folks' on Monday...always SO hard to leave them...sure wish we could move over there. Someday hopefully.

Oh and guess what?? Friday the 1st is FREE SHIPPING at AC Bailey. No...I'm not even kidding...doesn't matter how much or how little you spend...they have free shipping. OH...and I think there is something else coming up but I haven't read all the details yet. Hit that link on my sidebar to shop on Friday if you want to take advantage of that great deal. I'll remind ya in the morning too. :)

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The Crowells said...

(Gasp!) So they're gonna make you work? At work? :) Sorry, Buddy. That sucks. I was wondering where you were!