Monday, July 7, 2008 not wanting...

to be back to work!! It was SO nice having that extra day off. I wish I could do that EVERY week. :) Let's see....we ended up not going to Polson for the archery 3D fun shoot...instead we went to a fun little park up by Glacier. We played some mini golf and rode the go karts. It was fun...and we got there just before the crowd surged through. Then we were going to go through Glacier Park but didn't want to spend the $25 just to get through the gate...for one day. So we just went home. Saturday...Shawn took the boys fishing and I cleaned the house....then I went to the scrapbook store for a bit. ONE layout took me FOUR HOURS. It was for Random Chaos..and each girl (there are 9 of us) inserted a challenge and I really struggled with the stamping and embossing thing because I don't do either of those things!! But I finished it...and I like it but it's not a 4 hour layout that's for sure!! I will post tomorrow once I get it scanned. :)

Sunday I cleaned out our took me 3 hours to get it all cleaned out...and all because I had to get rid of a tote of too small clothes of the boys' so I could use the tote to put some of their fall/winter stuff in!! But I guess..the end results was's clean. :)
That's about the extent of my weekend...oh last night we watched Mad Money...I thought it was sooo cute!! Yeah...I lead a boring life...but I've never suggested otherwise. :) Have a great day!
**Oh..just a couple layouts I did a few weeks ago I just hadn't scanned/posted them yet!**


KimmyS said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong taking four hours for a layout - I usually takes days!!!

Love the two new layouts you shared in particular the baseball one - that rocks my world

Mindy said...

Ah 3 hours cleaning the shed for me!?!?! LOL :) Love te layouts and I so need to scrap again some lifetime I guess.

Have a GREAT week!

The Crowells said...

Love the layouts, Dude! Very nice! Glad your shed is clean...but it sure woulda been nice to spend those 3 hours on another layout, eh?