Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

Wednesday...I love Wednesdays and miss the time when I had every Wednesday off to stay home with my boys. *sigh* fellow Sweet Pea girl Ally has an AWESOME sketch blog...if you haven't visited you NEED TO!! I made this layout for one of her sketches and it was SO fun to create. Did I mention that I love sketches? :) I just love that you can take one and make it totally your own...I love that you can look at 5 layouts using the same sketch and notice that they aren't all identical. So yeah...I love sketches. :) This is his last game of the season. And I used pretty much all KI. Sheesh...that's kinda lame. :) So anyway..go check out Ally's sketch it!

In other eyelid is swollen...and it's painful. I was a weenie and went to the eye doctor and he told me my entire eyelid has an infection underneath. It's cute. That's all I'll's real freakin' cute. I have no makeup on either so I look like Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. :)

Oh and the Sweet Pea Scraps July kit has been taking off of wait if you loved the looks of are in luck. :)

And apparently I have nothing to talk about. So have a great Wednesday!!


Jana Eubank said...

Your work is always so INSPIRING, Jenn! I sooooo LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did with this sketch!

The Crowells said...

Geez you are awesome! I love this layout. I really like the color combo!!! :)
You poor thing! I hope your eye is better soon! Eye troubles really bug me!
Hugs Buddy!