Thursday, July 17, 2008

will this day ever end???

I am SO excited and stoked to head to Missoula tonight after work. I just can't wait to get out of town and just be by myself. Isn't that sad that I'm such a hermit I'm excited to be alone? Although technically...I won't really be 'alone' as I'll be in a room with about 50 other women but since I'm going alone I can just stick to I'm good with that. :) 3 days of scrappin'...I mean seriously...what could be better than that??

This morning was tough though...saying goodbye to the boys. Shawn is taking them to my folks' tomorrow and they will spend the whole week with them. Shawn and I will be all alone for the whole week...what WILL we do?? *wink wink*

And I'm going to go through the Dodge dealership in Ronan...yes...I'm getting rid of my beloved Durango. After only 2 years. But I know it's the most sensible thing to do at this moment. SUV's are depreciating in value so fast it's not even funny. I'm looking at the Dodge Caliber. I figure if I have to get a car I might as well get one that I like. :) We test drove one when we got Shawn's truck last summer...and it's a really cool car. Plus the backseats nice would that be for the boys when we drive the 6 hours to my parents house?? The only thing I'm really going to miss is the room. I love my truck and how much room I have in it. No more just throwing the boys' bikes in the back...I'll have to get a bike rack or something. :) So hopefully...this week I'll be sportin' a new car. Keep your fingers crossed that I find something I like!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone...


SweetPeaMama said...

Have an awesome time this weekend! I wish I was there! :)

Katie Skiff said...

Jealous of you! Wish I could go scrapping! LOL... wish I had a week without kids. :oP Have a good time.