Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I clocked it...

this morning on my way to work and it's 4.4 miles. The distance that I started walking. I decided to really work on getting my rear in gear and since the weather is nice....figured walking would be a good start...and quite frankly I'm getting super bored with my morning step aerobic routine. So Sunday night I decided to just start walking. It took me an hour (which isn't bad...under a 15 minute mile pace) and last night I did the same trail. My legs last night weren't as willing to walk but I made it. I wish I would have started this whole walking thing a month ago....but oh well..better late than never right? So there is my new thing...I'm really hoping I have enough gumption to keep it up for awhile.

Had a nice evening as the whole family went to the library. The first time Shawn has stepped foot in the building. :) He's NOT a reader. I wanted to get The Other Boleyn Girl but it wasn't available....since I loved the movie I figured it was probably an amazing book!! To which Shawn called me a nerd. My kids are going to my folks' on Friday for a whole week and do you know what ONE thing I'm going to do is? Yup...I'm going to go to the library or Borders and just sit and read. That would be like a little slice of heaven. :)

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