Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Friday ya'll!! it's REALLY Thursday night...but since I can't access my blog from work anymore I kinda have to cheat. ;)

Well...I've been busy trying to get things going for my Etsy Store. I only have 5 things listed thus far but have some more things made just not photographed and listed. I cannot believe how much TIME this is taking. I sure hope that as time goes on I'll get quicker at it and it won't be such a headache!!

So...remember I told you what was happening today? Yup...FREE SHIPPING HERE!! I mean seriously...if you are going to go online and buy scrap supplies anyway (which the store is fabulous..LOVE the paper packs!!) then you might as well get free shipping righto??

AND...I finished working with my August Sweet Pea Scraps kit and is SO fun and SO retro. I love love loved working with it. I will have to show you my projects tomorrow as my sharpening software is at work and I *can* still do some things at work. :) But you'll love it...and if you haven't already signed up for NEED TO DANGIT!

Whew. That's about it...oh except my friend Katie from Boise is here..jumping...she's a skydiving freak. But she's going to interrupt her jump schedule to at least have lunch with me. (which is a HUGE's like me taking off time from my scrap retreat!!) So that's about it...have a great Friday!!

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KimmyS said...

Dude!!!! Love your esty....and yup it is a pain to upload. Takes forever and a day.

Your flower toppers are da bomb!

have fun with Katie and I can't wait to see your SPS projects