Monday, July 21, 2008


What a nice weekend I had!! Got there on Thursday night...went to bed after visiting the in laws for a little bit. Got up bright and early Friday morning only to find I had a FLAT TIRE. Yes was flat. So I get out there and find my jack and start to get the sucker changed...when I find out there is a lock box on my spare tire. I have no key. Who puts a lock on their spare tire underneath a rig?? I was flabbergasted....I've changed 26 flat tires in my career (I know...crazy huh?) so honestly the thing I was worrying most about is that everyone was going to look at me like the dumb girl who can't change her own tire. So I ended up calling a tow truck...who hauled me into Les Schwab. The guy there beat the lock off with a hammer so at least if it happens again I can get to my spare tire!! Sooo...needless to say...I didn't get to scrap camp until almost 10am. Set up my stuff and headed to town because I wanted to get my favorite lotion at Victoria Secret.

Met my cousin Courtney for lunch..which was really nice as I haven't seen her for awhile. Had a good visit....and then after that headed back to scrap camp to start scrappin. :) At 8pm I met my in laws for dinner...and was so full all I wanted to do was take a I set my alarm for 9:30 and needless to say...I didnt end up going back to scrap camp!!

Saturday I met my friend Amy to rummage sale (which the sales SUCKED...they were SO bad and we literally found nothing) then her and her mom took me to the Mustard Seed for lunch. THEN...after that I got my very first ever pedicure. I certainly could get used to cool. Didn't know if I would like it but it was really nice. Had a fantastic day with Amy and it was really nice to hang out with her without a time constraint as usually I only get a couple hours and some major catastrophe always seems to happen. I didn't get back to scrap camp until 5pm!! Yes...that means I didn't scrap at all during the day on Saturday!! Yikes!! I was a bit disappointed as I missed all the fun and games...but it was a really nice day!! I only got 14 layouts done all weekend!!

Sunday I only did one layout...cleaned up my stuff and headed home. odd and how quiet. Shawn even told me that he checked on the boys before he came to bed...then realized that it was total habit as they aren't even home!! They will be with my parents all week!!

OH...and the car thing. I decided against it. By the time we finance our negative equity from the Durango...I'll have a bigger car payment than I have now which will pretty much just equal the savings in fuel. So really..what is the point? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my I'm okay with just sticking it out with what I have. I spent an hour talking with the salesman about options and what we could do...and in the long run I don't think I will be saving any money. I have 3 years left paying on the Durango and they would stick me in a 3 year lease so the time frame isn't even going to change. I'm totally okay with it...I was just trying to do what was best financially but I'm a little relieved keep my rig as I LOVE IT! :)

And did I mention that it was my birthday on Saturday? Yup...I'm the big 32. It's horrid. I'm not doing this getting old thing very well.


Dan, KELLEY, Emily, Hannah & Benjamin... said...

Hey, 14 layouts is great! You have to be proud of what you accomplished and not what you didn't. You also accomplished some needed friend time & feet pampering. Very exciting! I found your blog from Gina's and it has been fun to read about your life. I worked at SBH for 3 years but I am not sure if I ever met you. I am a scrapbooker, even though you can't tell from my blog. Have a good week (WOK - without kids) Kelley

Katie Skiff said...

OK, I am not meeting you in Whitefish if you won't even scrap with me! LOL.... Glad your *birthday* weekend was fun! And you are coming this weekend? We will be camping so I'll prolly miss you.

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Hey cute polka dots ect. on your blog! I'm not sure if it's new or just didn't come up on the hotel computer! Either way looks great!
Have a great day!

Connor Corneil said...

Yeah that thing that mathew bout is a fingerboard ramp i have a ton.
and a handboard is a little bigger

Mindy said...

Glad you made it back and had fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY....again!