Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 100th post!! WOW!

Who knew I was such a chatty cathy?? :) Anyway..just some completely RANDOM stuff. Don't forget to comment for your chance at the spooky blossom ittie bitties (pictured in post below).
So...a gal sent me a picture of what she was using her bitties for...and it totally made me SMILE. :) How could you not love this photo? It's a bittie covered pumpkin. :) LOVE IT!! And goodies are on their way to you Cindy...thanks for sharing!!

Ummm..I made this cool board for my boys. The one side is their allowance...each spot represents a quarter. I thought that having the visual would help them with the whole getting money thing. For their allowance they must: keep room clean, put dishes in sink, put their clothes in their hamper and LISTEN. If any of these things are not done on a daily basis they must go get a 'spot' and put in the pocket. I'm amazed already with the amount of time that they study this board and count up how much money they have earned!! The other side is their Stellar Day reward. They don't start out with this money..they have to earn it. Each boy is able to earn an extra 2 quarters every day by having good behavior. Mathew's is in the morning before school and at night after school (as his behavior is questionable while at home...and I started it with Auston and had to give Mathew the same opportunity to earn extra money). And Auston's teacher is AWESOME...she actually made a book for him called Auston's Great Days. And he gets a sticker if he has a stellar morning...and a sticker if he has a stellar afternoon. We are hoping to train him to learn how to pay attention to his behavior...versus ADD meds. So they get to take a spot out of the pocket and adhere to the board if they have a stellar day!! Auston is SO excited as today he had a stellar morning...and he lost one of his allowance quarters due to failure to listen (and fit throwing)...so he's so stoked because his stellar morning made him back up to $3.00!! So hopefully this works.

So rambling. Just finished watching 90210...boy it has changed..amazing how risque everything is now a days...do you remember watching Dirty Dancing on the sly because it was such a *gasp* movie? :) But now I'm gonna jump on my gazelle and watch Priviledged...my other new show that I'm loving. Have a great night ya'll!!


Marie Levite said...

Too cute!!

Vivian said...

I do the same type of thing for my kids, too, except they work for computer time (AKA Webkinz) on the weekends, instead of an allowance.

Too cute pumpkin there, too!!!

Ashley said...

Great idea for the board. I need a good thing to work out with my kids. So far they really like working off of a list.