Monday, September 15, 2008

have you ever...

had one of those emotionally draining days?? Mine was today. a was a good thing...because even though my mind was thinking constantly...I also came to a conclusion and a change that I'm going to make in my life. And I feel good about my decision. :)

So I must confess to the whole cyber world...although it kills me to say anything...which I guess I wouldn't have to but since I want to share these layouts people might piece it together anyway. Remember my BOOHOO post from awhile back..the one that I was frustrated and saw the whole Chatterbox...yadda yadda yadda?? Well...I did something that for me, took a lot of courage to even get to that point. But I did it. I submitted for the KI Memories DT search. I've ALWAYS loved KI and use their papers ALL the time...and generally the same ones over and over again (my RC layout in fact is mostly KI). So I thought that I might as well as I never want to have those...what if thoughts. I knew I didn't stand a chance but did it anyway. And..just like I knew...I didn't stand a chance!! lol But I'm really pleased with the layouts I submitted...and I know that I'm scrapping style isn't 'trendy'...and by the looks of their new team they are still going for that minimalist look (which I like but just isn't me). So are the 2 I did for the submission. (and this is the part where you say..Oh Jenn it's THEIR totally rock...I just don't understand WHY they didn't choose you. *wink wink*)

I'm working on a couple new things for the shop...another kit and another embellie kit...I'm super excited about them...simply because the buyer of the one got her groovy girl kit today and she LOVES it. Totally made my day and put a smile on my face. She sent me a layout that she used the extreme boy kit on....and I'm hoping to post that tomorrow. I've decided...that for everyone that buys any of my stuff and they send me a picture of what they did with it...I'm going to send them a cool goodie. :) So am writing your name down expecting something. :)

The giveaway is STILL going on so leave a comment and I'll throw your name into the hat or tupperware dish, whichever I decide to friend Julie is having a giveaway on her blog as well (I can't remember the address...check the link on the side that says Julie's blog.) make sure to stop by and leave a comment there.

And here is my Random Chaos layout....the challenge was to use 2 journaling spots (yup..those are mine!!), 2 brads and 4 different patterned papers...right up my alley. :)

I'm SO going to bed early tonight. Have a great Tuesday!!


Vivian said...

Oh Jenn it's THEIR totally rock...I just don't understand WHY they didn't choose you. *wink wink*!!!!


Have a great day!!!!

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Jenn, it really is their loss! You are super creative gal and I would take your fab layered style over the minimalist look anyday! Way to go girl! I'm so glad you tried! Luv the layouts too!

The Crowells said...

Dude. You're not dated. You have your very own distinctive, and very creative style. I love it. :)

tcmarc said...

I think your layouts are great. I love the "Snow Ghost" page. Love it! We don't get snow where I live so it makes me miss Montana. Great layouts! It's cool that you submitted something...I'm to big of a chicken!! Keep doing what you are doing!