Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Hump Day!! day started out kinda bad....mostly because I ADORE my grampa...all I ever want is his approval. I know...I'm 32 years old and I still let him get to me. But he made a comment that totally crushed me and I pretty much cried all day over. Get them big girl panties on I say right? Honestly...I spent SO MUCH time with my grandparents growing up..and my grampa was the only male figure I had until I was blessed with my dad at age 10...that I just look up to and respect him so much....and he has this way of just saying the most hurtful things. *sigh*

But through all night ended really nice. A neighbor showed up at my door tonight and her and I, I thought could become really good friends...seemed like we had a lot in common. Well a huge misunderstanding later and we were both not talking and barely acknowledging. Which killed me because I'm just not that kind of person normally. But she came to the door tonight and we talked...and found out how silly it all was. And I think we are just hunky dorry now..and I'm SO grateful and thankful that she came to would be MONTHS before I got the courage up to go confront her!! lol So see...night ended okay. :) And another point proven that I am just better off all alone because I tend to mess EVERYTHING up...and that I'm really thankful that I work with men. *giggle* Cuz yeah...maybe it IS me. Maybe I am just socially retarded...heck..what am I saying...I'm not maybe...I know I am!! tee hee

Just posted some Christmas ittie bitties...I am loving this style lately. My spooky halloween ones sold already so I think I better make another set!! And I'm still trying to get that boy kit put together. Shawn is out of town this weekend so I know I can stay up late watching a movie and working away. AND scrappin. Since this whole etsy thing I just have hardly scrapped...and that is SO sad. I miss it.

THANKFULLY I received my October Sweet Pea Scraps freakin' cool does this look? date raffle tickets are in this bad boy too. Double cool. :) So..go GET ONE. :) Every person who sends me a layout using my date raffle tickets from the kit...will be entered into a HUGE mega prize. :) I'm not going to give away any secrets yet...but it will definately be worth your time. So GO GET A KIT...HERE. :)

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Michele said...

You got a friend in me, oh you got a friend in me...are you singing yet? I'm 33 & we have so much in common, an Aries though. I love reading your blog, & I'm so glad that all is well, whew load off my mind & my nervous stomach :)Talk soon!