Monday, September 8, 2008

Another week...

is beginning. Shawn came home Sunday without an elk. Bummer. Left this morning for Libby to work until Wednesday night...then he's leaving that same night to go hunting and won't be home until Sunday. Welcome to my world. :) Honestly...I don't mind. It's been this way since we've been together. A little more difficult now that we have kids but we'll get into our routine...enough that when he does come home he'll be messing it all up!! :) Just hard not being able to say good morning and good night...or even argue. :)

So I have only run once. :( It's just so danged hard to get a good run when the kids and dog go with me...I'm constantly stopping or trying to talk (as they chatter the WHOLE way and well...I need all the oxygen I can get without wasting it on words!!) So...I have been doing my step aerobics except this morning. When I went to do them I couldn't find the DVD remote!! We have a Walmart special DVD player so I'm not able to select my workout to be able to make it MUST have that stinkin' remote. *sigh* I have no idea where it is. How frustrating.

Tonight I put 2 new items up on etsy. Let me back up the bus here...this weekend I started a project...I tend to do this when Shawn is away. I rearranged our bedroom which contains my scrap area and Shawn's hunting shelf. The reason is simple...we switched sides of the bed...and my stuff was now on his side and vice versa. :) So in the midst of rearranging I decided I might as well purge again as my baskets runneth over. So with that...I made up some destash kits. Here is one I called So Happy Together. :) (why did I never use this paper I wonder??'s all so cute that I almost want to take it apart now and use it...maybe I just do better with the whole kit thing...I love my Sweet Pea Scraps kit just for that reason...) Oh and last night I made some more blossom bitties...these ones are fall themed. I still have journaling spots to get up and some new raffle tickets...but I'm not getting very far on those. Be on the lookout for a new challenge/giveaway!!

Totally rambling...I'll spare ya'll any more of my terribly boring life. :) OH..I forgot...I found a website that deals with Night Terrors!! Mathew has had them for years and it's always been difficult not knowing and not having anyone understand how difficult they are to go through. So if anyone out there has a child with NT...then check out this site! Have a great night!


Audrey Pettit said...

wow, Jenn! You have a knack for putting together kits. Looks awesome!

The Crowells said...

I can't believe you can get rid of that stuff! That kit is awesome! And the bitties....I think you're getting even better!

You are a saint of a wife. I couldn't (or wouldn't) do it. :)

Mindy said...

Adorable kit Jenn!! Hope you have a great week!

Julie B said...

Love the new bitties! That paper is one of my all time favorites from K*I :)

Did you run tonight????