Monday, September 22, 2008

Whew... over. :) Had to go to Polson for my orthopedic appointment...and excited to say that I can get BOTH my shoulders operated on at the same time!! Woohooo!! That is SO exciting. :) Have to get some new MRI's done and then should be good to go. AND he said probably only 3 weeks tops missing out of that's a good thing!!

Have to share a picture of my adorable boys. :) Grama Steven's got them camo for Shawn's birthday (that's what he asked for!) here they are all sported out in their gear. Boy they are some good looking boys...not that I'm biased or anything!! tee hee

Uploaded a few new things in my shop...including some spooky blossom ittie bitties which I'm in love with. :) And will be working on some new stuff including a boy embellishment kit. I'm also going to do more with these journaling circles that I designed...I love that cute little adds so much. I have never seen that done before...well..until a couple days ago!! lol But have some plans on making something up using more of those. I'm being cryptic...guess you'll just have to wait and see. :) I'm learning not to describe too much until after I've uploaded...although..not that it matters much. is my Random Chaos grandparents on their wedding day. I also made a mini kit using everything in this layout so that's kinda cool.

oh and doing a craft fair here in Kalispell in November with 2 other gals...REALLY excited about that so wish me luck. :)

oh and I ran 1/2 mile tonight...wasn't near as hard as I expected it to be. Wow...what a choppy blog post tonight...I'm thinking I need to head to bed. :)


KimmyS said...

Look at your boys....aren't they super cute! Even though Mathew is probably at an age now where he doesn't wanna be called cute anymore...

Can't wait to see what you have up for grabs Etsy wise


soooo CUTE! Love the pics of the BOYS!! Right up my alley cause we are a HUNTING family!...Hey incase you didnt get it earlier my email is

The Crowells said...

Adorable camo! Love the layout...beautiful! And the buttons are perfect!!! You are so talented!