Thursday, September 11, 2008


okay..first of all..I already wrote a huge and boring post and my internet seems to be acting up it didn't get saved. *sigh* the meantime (while I'm cursing my internet) FIVE of my things sold in my etsy shop!! Including one of my BRAND NEW items that I just listed tonight!! How exciting is that? Very since I was really beginning to wonder if my stuff just sucked or what.

So the 3 things that are freshly listed tonight...these cute little ovalcle (not quite circle and not quite oval) journal jotters (why must I come up with my own name for things I wonder??), a new raffle ticket which are the months of the year...and my Groovy Girl embellie kit that I'm really proud of. It took me 3 nights to create but I just love it all. I hope someone will love it too! :) Everything in that kit was handcut and handmade by me (well except the ribbons or course!!). Cool huh?

I don't remember what else I talked about I'm going to go to bed now. Still feely yukky in case anyone wants to know.

OH..Missy and Vivian...I have your challenge prizes packaged up...will be sending soon..maybe tomorrow...let's hope. :)

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The Crowells said...

Yahooo!!! Dude, your stuff rocks! So happy for you. No, you've never sucked! :)