Saturday, September 20, 2008

so I'm beginning to have...

my doubts about whether or not this whole Etsy thing is good for me. It's been very disheartening the last couple of days and has really made me question the human race. Things that I think are just morally wrong are happening left and right and honestly I don't know if my skin is tough enough to handle it. *sigh* Really really stinks. All I can say is that I've worked SOOOO hard to come up with designs and elements for my embellishments and journaling spots that I have in the store. It just makes me sad.

Anyway....I am going to announce the winner of the giveaway later on this excited to see who wins. You can post on this entry for one last chance at the drawing!!

I went for a walk this morning...I only ran 2/10 of a mile...I thought I was going to die. So basically I'm starting all over again with the whole running sad since I was up to running a full mile!! Yikes. But I'll get back to it...I know I will!! And since I'm all alone this weekend I am planning on going again tonight.

Have to go to work this morning for a bit as I did't work yesterday at all. Mathew informed me as we pulled up to the school that he had a field trip. Well Friday is pizza day so I didn't pack a lunch for him and his dad was picking him up early to go to Missoula to hunt!! So needless to say...his consequence was going home...and I made him do 3 math worksheets and a book report. :) He wasn't going to get to have a fun free day....I guess I think in the 3rd grade he should have a little responsibility. But it sucks for me because now I have to make up all those hours this weekend...ugh.

And last night I did a layout for Pink Owl's sketch challenge!! I just need to scan it and send to was a great sketch...and I am actually going to do another using the same one!! :) Okay...I will talk to you all later!


The Crowells said...

So sorry Buddy! Been thinking a lot about your problems...wondering how I'd handle them, and glad that I don't have to! So far, you've done much better than I would have!
And don't worry so much about the running...some days your body just doesn't wanna work as hard. AND, you'll always hit plateaus. Relax, and try some new kind of exercise for a couple of days!!!

Julie B said...

Honey I am so sorry that you have had such a sucky week. I know it's been stressful but it will al blow over soon. Chin up and remember that some people think you are incredibly wonderful, awesome, thoughtful and a true friend. I know that I feel super lucky to be one of those people!!! Love ya!!

P.S. I am super proud of you too!!

Vivian said...

Oh, Jenn, so sorry that things are so rough - that stinks. I think your etsy is awesome, wish I had the budget to shop there regularly. Stay postive, & I'll pray that this week coming will be awesome for ya!!!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Have you ever done the Couch to 5K running program over at I am NOT a runner and that's what I did - and I actually went from not being able to run more than 30 seconds to being able to run a full 5K in 30 minutes!! The program takes you 8 weeks from start (couch potato!) to running 3 miles (5K). It's great for running off your frustration!!

Lily said...

I've been having some of the same thoughts about etsy lately. Feeling rather down about it, as I had really hoped etsy would work out for me, but I'm nto so sure.

I hope your days improve. Hopefully the days will improve for both of us!