Thursday, September 4, 2008


early. :) But I won't have time in the morning and want to make sure everyone can leave a comment and get entered into the drawing!! (don't forget to scroll down and enter in the other days you've missed!!) You will want to get in on the fabulous blossoms that Renee donated...and don't forget to check her blog too as she's giving away some of my etsy goodies!!

So my husband got home tonight...boy was I happy to see him!! :) He's been working out of town all week and normally it's not a big deal but he had no phone we didn't even get to say good morning or good night!! But this weekend is archery so he's leaving tomorrow to go hunting..and then home on Sunday..and leaving on Monday again for out of town! Yikes!!

So here are my last Sweet Pea Scraps layouts. And the one of Mathew at his first day of school..poor guy..check out his eyes. That's what happens when his asthma starts bugging him. :( Notice the little journaling block with his signature? Yup...there is a set of those in my etsy shop. :) (as are the labels in the 8th birthday layout!)

Speaking of Mathew...I have to tell ya'll that he is a different little boy. I had told him that the beginning of this school year is a fresh start and he can choose how he wants to start the 3rd grade out. I'm SO proud of him. He's making good choices...not talking as much in class..not being the class clown. He's been nicer to his brother AND I'm getting random hugs which tickles me as he hasn't hugged me without cohersion for probably a good year. We are having good mornings...and he's just been such a good kid. I don't know why the change..but I'm LOVING it. He told his dad tonight (after I told Shawn how awesome Mathew has been) that he's decided it's just easier being a good kid. He's awesome...and I'm SO thankful that something somehow changed in that little head of his because it's nice to have this abundance of love for him again!!
So this morning I got my lazy butt out of bed early (well...5:30 which is way earlier than I have been dragging it out!!) and did my step aerobics. I used to do it every morning and really didn't have any luck with the weight loss but I was always exhausted when I finished. Not today! I was barely winded..and I felt SO much just not as heavy..that was a cool thing. AND...we are starting the biggest loser at work again...tomorrow morning. I haven't decided if I'm going to join or not since I've lost the big part of my weight already...but I figure if I lose 15lbs I'll have lost 10% of my weight and more than likely will win. So we'll see what I choose to do. :)
Oh and last thing..check out this AMAZING site...a little enabling...but it's amazing. :)
Have a great night!!


tcmarc said...

I totally understand the early post. It's HS football season and our town shuts down and goes to the games. We have 3 volleyball games and 2 football games tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Mine will be really busy...dang I was hoping to get some crafting done. Although who needs sleep?

The Crowells said...

You ROCKED both layouts, Dude! And I'm off to check out those labels...groovy!
So glad things are going well with deserve a few hugs! And glad Shawns home. Just think, some day soon, ALL the boys will go hunting and then you'll be forced to scrap ALL weekend to drown out your sorrows!!!!

Michele said...

I love the font you used on your first layout, you get alot done, wish I could fit it all in, let alone exercising! Go Girl!

Vivian said...

Oh Jenn, you and I were totally in the same boat this week, without even knowing it!! My hubby's been away in Niagara Falls for training this week & so I'm totally ready for him to come home tonight!
Have a great weekend, girl!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Good for you, Jenn, about the workout! I could never force myself to get up at 5:30 in the morning. sheesh!
So happy about your son, too. Sounds like he's doing some maturing.