Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday night....

is going a bit better...although I'm freakin' EXHAUSTED for some reason. Just want to say a huge THANKS for all the kind words during my whiney rough day yesterday...I really appreciate all the support. The first issue has been resolved which is good...and the second...well no word so I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad sign. *shrugs shoulders* I really have to learn that I cannot please everyone and that it's not my sole responsibility to make everyone happy. HA!...I'll let you know when I accomplish that one. *snort*

Soooo...miss Trena is rockin' the layouts!! She informed me that her son (in the soccer page) thinks he is a celebrity. That TOTALLY cracked me up to no end. I can just hear it. :) So she had to send in a layout with her daughter so she, too, could become famous. tee hee I love kids and how they think. :) So Trena...thanks again for will be getting another little goodie in the mail. :) Oh and I love what you did with the groovy girl kit...SO glad to see it in action. Trena also mentioned that she didn't even dent the kit and has plenty left over for more layouts...which totally makes me happy!!

I listed 2 things tonight. Surprisingly enough the fall embelly kit has 44 views thus far...but no bites. But I made some single things along the same line. Some blossom bitties and some jumbo photo corners. Stay tuned for some Halloween items as well!!

I'm off to bed...TGIF tomorrow eh?? Have a great morning!!
Oh and don't forget to comment for your chance in the drawing...I think I said Sunday I would draw a winner right?? I gotta go back and check my archives...or get organized...or something. :) Oh and hey...I realized I haven't talked about my fabulous weight loss lately. :) As of now I have reached my first goal weight!! *whoohooo* But I realize that it's not enough and I want to lose more!! So my next goal is to lose another 10lbs....I think I will be content there....Shawn informed me he doesn't want me to get TOO skinny...and I would be at 135lbs then. So yup..that's that. :) Okay...NOW I'm going to bed!!


Vivian said...

Lovin' the photo corners, Jenn!!!
Glad things were better today!
Have a great weekend!!

tcmarc said...

Glad you had a better day. Happy Friday!

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Luuuuuv the photo corners and bitties! Those little trees are just too cute, you used em so creatively....and your bitties are just such great idea. They are so you and unique too! Great job lady!

The Crowells said...

Your stuff is so cute! I think you should copywrite or patent them! (hint, hint) And congrats on the weight loss! You rock!