Thursday, September 25, 2008


what a day!! Seriously...I called my friend Missy today and remember that little bubble I used to live in?? She kinda giggled and I said...I need to live in it again. :) Seriously...I have had more go on in my life this last month than I have in the last year. It's mostly because I live in a bubble. :) Inside my bubble it's all nice and toasty safe...outside the bubble...all sorts of weird stuff happens. Seriously. (I just had to say it 3 know that whole odd number thing.)

But today...was a day...holy moly. :) It was nice though because I have a little closure on one matter...although am totally confused by another...and I have the MOST FREAKIN' EXCITING NEWS EVAH TO SHARE AND I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING YET!! That part is going to kill me not to be able to just shout it out loud!! Time, my dear warped loyal time I will divulge my little excitment. I'll tell you what it's not's not a freak pregnancy or anything to do with children, sadly, KI didn't call and beg me to be on their team as they OBVIOUSLY realized they made a huge mistake *rolls eyes*...and I didn't win the lottery. But it's equally as exciting.

Had a good sale day Christmas bitties are gone already...and I just posted them last night!! I'm thinking I just might have found my niche'?? I still REALLY really love making the embellishment kits...but apparently only one person loves them like I do.

Shawn is heading out tomorrow to go hunting...again. But I have big plans for the weekend...besides a couple hours for work...I"m thinking about painting my bathroom...I cannot handle the floral wallpaper ANYMORE. It's just gotta go. So I might tackle that. I've already picked out some photos for the October Sweet Pea Scraps kit so am planning on conquering those...and of course making more stuff to stock the shop. And...have to do tons of brainstorming for my EXCITING NEWS THAT I CAN'T DIVULGE YET. Are ya sick of the caps yet?? :)

Okey dokey...I'm going to take a nice hot my Eragon book (cuz you know Brisinger came out on Saturday...but I have to reread Eragon and Eldest before I can read the new one...which yes..I bought on Saturday!). And I feel good today...I just need to be the person I expect ME to be...and all will be good. Sweet dreams!!


Mindy said...

I like my bubble too!! Congrats on whatever the exciting news is. I can not wai for you to share it. Until then and after then I will stalk your blog!

Jana Eubank said...

I'm a bubble-sort-of-girl myself! LOL! I like my safe little world. I don't care what anyone else thinks! Hehehehe!