Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Okay...so the long weekend is over. Boy it was tough today to go to work..I seriously feel like I got NOTHING accomplished over the weekend!! And...my hubby is working out of town..and out of phone service and it's been SO odd not at least talking to him...since yesterday at noon. :( Kinda sad.

Sooo...the giveaway is STILL going on! You can comment once per day for your chance to win those awesome yummy blossoms by Pink Owl....picture posted below. AND...for every item you order from the shop you will get an additional entry. She's also giving something of mine away on her blog..so ya might as well comment over there too for more chances!! :) She's SUCH a talented girl...it's great to be doing something with her!!

And as promised I was going to reveal a couple of my September Sweet Pea Scraps layouts. I've been having some internet/computer issues so I only have the 2 to show you as of now...but tomorrow I will post 2 more..and Thursday I'll post the remaining 2!! If you haven't signed up for this kit club...you really should. It's one of the best ever. In fact...a gal that was at the lss and I were talking about how the girls are SO great at mixing manufacturers...and putting things together that I never would have thought about. And the price...can't beat it. They are fair and honest...and you get a ton for your money. :)
The first layout is of my grama who passed away in April. Boy I MISS her. These pictures were taken before I was even born..but when you look closely you can see the joy on her face in the bottom one...seriously it makes me hear her laughter. I just wish I could give her a hug...and tell her I love her. Just wasn't ready to lose her. *sigh* And the bottom one is of Auston...and his skate park day. That child has NO FEAR...his older brother always uses him as a guinea pig for all stunts...Auston just does it without hesitation. Wonder if it'll always be like this??
And today...as soon as we got home...the boys jumped on their bikes and I went for a run. First in FOUR days...can you say LAZY SLUG?? :) I ran almost the whole 2 miles...stopping here and there to catch my breath. But I needed it. I've been so lazy that I really needed to do a little extra. Okay...I'm gonna watch 90210 just to see what they are doing with my high school show..so have a great evening!!


Michele said...

That is to funny about your high school show, are we pathetic....cause I have it on too!

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Ohhh sweetie, I'm sitting here in tears cause of your gramma. I know how you feel, I miss mine like crazy too. Here's a big hug from me!

The Crowells said...

As always, you're layouts rock, Buddy! I'm glad you can scrap your gramma with happiness, remembering the good stuff. That's good. :)
I'm glad someone else was a 90210 fan...with the guts to admit it!
You and Renee are soooo talented. I'm gonna hang around here just for the mojo!
And good for you on the running! So proud of you!

tcmarc said...

Sorry about your loss. I know what you are going through. I am redoing my parents family album for a christmas gift and the pictures of the people that have passed really get me thinking. Great layouts! It is also nice that there is other people out there that have planned their night around the 90210 premier!
Have a great day.

Tammy said...

I just love the LO on your gramma!!! Very heartfelt!