Monday, October 13, 2008

And the winner is... all my lameness I totally forgot to do my drawing. Well..I just did it and congrats goes out to MINDY!! You won Michele's cute little blossoms!! Email me your addy wouldja and I'll pass it along to Michele so she can get those out to you!! :) Woohooo!!

So I went running again was. hard. Oh boy oh boy was it ever!! I thought I was going to die. I haven't been running regularly and tonight was total proof of that. I really really need to get back into it...I still have 10lbs to lose and I havne't lost anything else since I quit apparently that is the trick. Bummer huh? My mom was so sweet..she sent me a $50 gc to Maurices to cheer me up....AND because my pants keep falling off my butt. Except I don't think I"m going to spend it until I lose that last pesky 10lbs!! We'll see.

Today is the start of week FIVE of Shawn not working. It's really starting to take it's toll on our relationship. We have been bickering like no one's business. *sigh* It really stinks! He filled out an application and hopefully will get a job with an oil rig somewhere...keep your fingers crossed for us!!

And I know I promised you some here is one of Kara and I...yes, it's fuzzy. It was taken by her 6 year old and he was wobblin' like no one's business. It was pretty funny actually. And then one of our table...I think it turned out pretty nice. We have decided on a name and we are getting a website going which will allow everyone to pay using paypal (since we are requiring prepayment of classes....since we are just little people we have to make sure we don't have a ton of excess product..and I'm totally hoping that won't hurt us...ugh). So be watching for the release of that (I'm hoping within the next day or two!!).
And that's about it...I think I'm actually gonna scrap a little bit tonight....I have some ittie bitties that just need buttons...I should get those finished as well. But I got my scrap area cleaned up again..finally..and I'm hoping to keep it that way. But we all know how THAT goes!! Have a great night!
Oh and I posted a new challenge on the SweetPeaVine so check it out. :) Oh and in all my drama did I forget to mention that Sweet Pea Scraps is having a Design Team call?? *slaps head* I think I might have!! So go to the blog (linked) to check that out too!!


Mindy said...

Me, Mindy? LOL

Jenny B in Indy said...

Umkay.. I can't figure out which is you.. ???

Vivian said...

Looks awesome Jenn!!! Can't wait to see the site! Also, WTG about the running - you're a braver soul than I ;)!! Keep it up girl!

Annalisa said...


You look so skinny in the picture! Great job in losing the weight!