Sunday, October 26, 2008


So...thank you goes out to Miss Kim. :) I installed Firefox and since then I have not had my internet just shut me down one time since!! YAY! THANK YOU!! Seriously...I thought I was going to go batty!!

Yesterday we had a great day...the boys and I. First we went to the skate park and played...then we went to the park and played in the leaves and climbed some trees. The boys were super in letting me get some really nice fall shots. :) I took pictures until my camera battery went kaput on me!!

Right now I'm just majorly cleaning my house...getting into the things that have been neglected for awhile that really NEED to be cleaned the boys' craft cabinet. Yikes! But it's nice and neat and organized now. Really want to go through their toybox and weed out some of the things they no longer play with...but not sure if I'm up for that project today or not. Still have major laundry to do but that's about it. Need to work on more bitties for the shop and scrap more for Sweet Pea Scraps. And...I tried to take pictures of my layouts today....the egg hunt layout was taking a picture...the john deere green was scanning. sharpening software is at work and I REALLY need to get it installed on my home computer. I'm thinking it looks a little fuzzy...what do you think?? My buttons just aren't scanning that great and honestly...taking a picture is MUCH easier but I don't want to do it if the quality is lacking. *sigh* Gonna keep trying. :)

Anyway...leaving you with 2 layouts I've done in the last couple of weeks. :) Have a great Sunday! Don't forget to comment for your chance to win those cute Halloween spiders from Julie!! And don't forget to go to her blog and post too for your chance to win some random jotters from ME! :)


Mindy said...

Cute layouts! I too am loving Firefox! Thanks from me to Kim also, lol.

Vivian said...

I don't think that either LO looks fuzzy - they both look great!!! Glad to hear the computer problems are fixed!!!

Christie Wildes said...

Glad to hear that you figured out your computer problems. What a total pain in the rear!
I hope that you can find the best way to photograph your pages. I find that doing it outside right before dusk/early morning and without a flash works best. That is how my pages are from my blog too. Good luck!!
Just love both those pages...and that AC alpha is to die for. :)

The Crowells said...

I'm glad you got help with your internet. That stuff drives me insane!
Your layouts are great! As usual! :) And the boys are looking so cute! Sounds like a great day you had...and I'm jealous of the cleaning/organizing you're getting done.

KimmyS said...

Loving those layouts - look at your cheeky monkey's :)
and YAY on Firefox - it was my saviour for sure