Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday and another giveaway!! :)

First off I must say thank you to ALL of you who gave me such encouragement and kind words over my weight loss. It's been a continual battle but one that I'm finally starting to win...woohoo!

And yes..another giveaway!! Do I tire of these? Heck no! I LOVE doing giveaways...they are SO fun and I really like to get you all involved...and its fun to see who actually reads my ramblings. You poor, poor souls. :)

So this giveaway is done jointly with my good friend Julie, co-owner of Sweet Pea Scraps. I haven't really had a change to rave about her etsy shop so now is the perfect time!! She has a basement..aka..the dungeon that she is trying to clean out. I can only imagine what is hidden in the depths. :) But knowing how awesome she is with helping put together the Sweet Pea Scraps kit it's only natural that she puts together awesome destash kits. So if you are in the need for some stash and have some extra cash (bahahaahahaa) then stop in and see what she has to offer!

ANYWAY....the rules are the same as always (cuz I don't know what else to do to be honest with you!!)....leave a comment to be entered into the drawing...and purchase something from my etsy shop to get another entry (each item is worth one ticket...and btw..I have some really cute new halloween raffle tickets and journaling jotters in store!!). have to wait a long time cuz Jules chose Halloween to be the deadline. :) Look at all those chances you get to win these...aren't they CUTE?? Good luck!! Oh and go check out her blog to see what she's giving away of MINE. :) Maybe you'll get lucky and win both...ya never could happen. :)


Jenny B in Indy said...

Ooooh.. I love that orange lace you have in your store!! I might just have to snag that!! ;)

Vivian said...

I love giveaways too!!! ;D
Both you and Julie are so talented - I've spent time over at Julie's shop before & I drool over her kits - you gotta love that Prima bling...sigh.

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi there, Jenn! Just popping in to say hello and check in on you. So glad your efforts at weight loss are paying off, cause I know that's not easy. You go, girl.
Love those adorable Halloween embellies.

Mindy said...

The spider web things are super cute!

Christie Wildes said...

Ohhh those are awesome!!! Just took a gander at your store and had to get some stuff. Email me when you can - would love to catch up!!


Lisa said...

Jenn, Just found your blog and am loving it! Off now to check out your etsy shop, but quick question, I went to the AC Bailey site and wanted to place an order but most everything I was wanting is out of long does it take for it to get back in usually or does it not usually come back in? Thanks! Lisa in TExas

~Telah said...

So cute! You guys are so talented!