Thursday, October 30, 2008

what a day!!

Not that it was anything special but....I'll fill ya in on how it went.
I WOKE UP AT 7:31 THIS MORNING!! AAAAHHHHHHH and that's pretty much how my day went all dang day long!! :) I must also note that we have to leave the house by 8am in order to get to school in time. Of angelic boys *snort* were such great listeners and got dressed right away for me. Yes...I'm SO lying through my teeth there. ha! So I jumped in the shower (as I cannot wake up without one!) and did NOT wash my hair so yes...I'm sporting a 2 day old pony. Can I just say that I look smokin' today? baahahahahhaha I am pleased to announce that we did make it to school in time. **insert crowd cheering here**

So work went well..I actually got a lot accomplished. Really trying to get everything caught up and in order before my surgery. And it's month end tomorrow so I'll have a super crazy day but that's good. I love my job..and for that I feel very fortunate. Heck..I feel very fortunate to HAVE a job at this point. :)

Then I rush to get the boys from school because in celebration of Red Ribbon Week our theatre was showing Horton Hears a Who for FREE. I was so excited to surprise the boys with this!! And I really wanted to make the 4 o'clock showing which means I had to GO REALLY FAST as school is 10 miles outside of town. :) Needless to say...I ended up talking with Auston's teacher for way too long. He had a bad day today. She's SUCH an amazing teacher...remind me to talk about that more...K? Cuz it's really important. But I'm already rambling and I'm not sure what the attention span of my blog readers is...soooo....carrying on....

The show was SOLD OUT when we got there...but they were nice enough to give us tickets for the 6:30pm showing...I took 'em. Skip forward an hour...Mathew decides he would rather play with E the neighbor boy instead of going to the show. uncool am I that my 8 year old wants to hang out with his buddy instead of going to the show with his MOM! Sheesh.....I didn't think this was supposed to start this early?!! So E's mom and I switched kids for the night. I took the older sister and Mathew stayed at their house and all was right with the world. BTW...that show is freakin' hilarious. I was laughing so hard through the whole thing. It helped too that I had this adorable little girl beside me who was 2 (but talked SOOO well!)...and she pretty much kept me entertained.

And I have some super cool news to share. :) Some of my things (like FOUR different ones!!) from the shop are going to be in the January 3 Scrappy Boys kit!! I am SO NOT KIDDING HERE PEOPLE!! She thinks I am a rockstar. *giddy giggle* She actually said that...if you don't believe me..just ask her. I rock. HA! *stickin' tongue out* So at least one person thinks I'm cool. Just gotta not let my head swell...that could be a huge issue when I have to go through a door. :)

Okay..I've rambled enough. Don't forget to post for your chance to WIN those cool spidey embellies from Julie's shop. And go post on her blog so you can win some of my 'rockstar' like jotters. :) Let's see how long it takes before I drop the rockstar could be awhile. :)


Mindy said...

Rock on my big headed friend, haha. You crack me up!

Vivian said...

WTG on the kit stuff!! Dude, that rocks!!!Woo Hooo!!!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

You DO Rock!! I tell you that all the time :)

Julie B said...

I'm glad you are a "rockstar" baby!! Can I be a groupie??