Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy First of October!

Can you believe it? EEEEK. The windows on my truck are officially glossed over every morning. Today is the last day of shorts for the tomorrow rain season begins. :) But this week has been our final hoorah I think...since the boys haven't worn shorts since before school started!! Today I think will be our last day in the 70's. I'm SO not ready for winter.

ANYWAY...I'm hoping tonight to get some new things posted in the shop. I made stuff up last night..just have to check back later on tonight (aka...after 8pm).

AND...had to remind everyone that today is FREE SHIPPING day at ACBailey. I love this day because even if my budget for the moment is only $10...I can spend that $10 on product and not worry about the shipping. SO COOL. And they now have the Creative Cafe buttons!! Woot woot!! (guess what I'm getting today??)

Don't forget to comment for your chance in the giveaway...going until Friday. You can also post in any of the entries if you haven't already. :) Have a great day!!

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Jenny B in Indy said...

Jennnnnn!! Where's your new stuff?!?!