Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heritage Class kit...and stuff

Well today there is no school for the boys...or tomorrow either. So tonight Ethan, the daycare gal's son is having a sleepover...we will see how long THAT lasts. :) I'm certain that Shawn will be taking him home in an hour or so. :)

Going to get a second opinion on my shoulder ortho wanted to do both shoulders at one time...and Julie freaked out. :) So hopefully a second opinion will prove to be a good thing. right shoulder is in desparate need of aches constantly. AND...I have to get my wisdom tooth pulled too! All before the end of the year and the insurance deductible starts over again!!

This has been the longest week EVAH. I swear today feels like Friday. *sigh* Just one more day! Shawn and I are taking the boys to the pumpkin patch..I'm REALLY hoping that we might even get a family photo. We haven't had one since Auston was seven DAYS old!! lol Wish us luck on that one.

So here is my heritage class kit. I'm really excited about it as well. The main kit retails a little over $11 while the addon kit retails for $ can check them out HERE if you wish to purchase...and sign up for the class. The heritage class is $15.00 which includes all product seen (first photo) plus 2 sketches/sample layouts...and the add on kit is $6.00. Remember that if you can't take the class but would like the kit shipping is free...and will be shipped on November 1st. :)
Okay..gotta wrestle the kids to bed...have a fantastic night!!


Vivian said...

Looks awesome Jenn!!! Good luck with the pic, we haven't had one done in well over a year either, so I know what you mean!! Can't wait to see the pumpkin LO's! ;D

Mindy said...

These are so cute also! great job putting everything together.

Julie B said...

Cute kits. I really like how they turned out. And sorry I freaked on you... Just wanting what's best for you :)

The Crowells said...

This kit is beautiful! I've never seen better! I'm telling you, you have a talent for this!